DnD 5E Best Magic Items For Monks

Would you like to run up the different walls? also Catch the arrows and fling them back too? Stun your enemies into submission? then you may just be a Monk in d&d 5th edition. If you have few more extra coins and time to stop, then you shall find various forms of magic items which could make you even more better at what you do best: simply get to the frontlines and also take down enemies with style. So can monks use magic dnd? let’s discuss deeply from down below.

With a fists made up of steel and also a body blessed by the discipline, one may think the monk is a class with a least need for the magic. Even though, many of these monk’s class features are bypass standard magic item conventions at a similar cost of some Ki.

However the monks are themself is a class those needs armor, weapons, and tools the least. In any case, as a monk advances in its level and power…..There are may be some things which a monk should grab first out of a pool. Here our d&d 5e magic items for monks shall be listed out some useful ideas for you.

We have provided some of our favorite and dnd 5e best magic items for monks that are also pair nicely with the burgeoning masters of Ki.

D&D 5E Good Magic Items For Monks

Of course, as usual the dnd 5e monk has ton of utility under the hood, even though there are few specified things which a monk actually finds problematic. For an example, finding some of the good magical weapons is a most gigantic problem for the Monk, as your damage shall be suffered without +1 weapons behalf of you. Of course you would also like to find out the consistent sources for closing the gap.

However your movement speed is a specific thing…..You’re still need to jump if you want to catch flying enemies too! Here is our long list of good monk magic items 5e

Combat Magic Items

1) Bracers of Defense

Here the Bracers of Defense are one of the classic defensive items for a monk. However the monks have few ways for boosting their durability. So that, this item is just hand over +2 to your AC with no downside…..Okay, but you have no chance to use a Shield, but the monks do not want to wear a shield in any situational cases. That being said, this is incredibly handy, and even they are definitely yours as soon as you find out them!

2) Cloak of Displacement

Of course this a weird item. It is forcing some disadvantage on its attacks against you is potent, but of course after you would get hit once, that time it’s game over. However the Monk’s AC is quite bad early on and slowly it catches up with the standard armor. So that, this shall prepare it most likely that a midgame fights where 18 AC is “fine” will no be ended up killing a Monk. Here two options to roll poorly makes a difference a lot of the time!

3) Defender Weapon

This shall acts like the Monk’s shield. Suppose, if you get the Defender weapon of a type which you could wield safely, of course after that you could get +3 to your AC. So here another small boost for the durability which is appreciated even more! In addition to that, you could select for simply have it to be a +3 weapon if needed. So, there’s no real downside to it!

4) Insignia of Claws

This is one of the best and aggressive magical item which a monk capable of finding. So, Hilariously, it is simply a +1 to attack and the damage rolls. But, it does not require an attunement, and also it shall apply to your fists! here 5% chance for hit is nothing for being scoff at!

And also you’re not even being spending a slot on it, so the meaning here you could look for the most defensive or the utility options. And also, if your DM is good, then you might have a chance to grab a few additional enhancement levels on the insignia.

5) Scarab of Protection

The Anti-magic is more important! even for the monks too; you shall never ever would like to be a bad roll on a saving throw for the sake of a reason your character has been died of. Here this scarab shall provide you an advantage on the different saves and also the immunity for the 12 Necromancy spells.

It is the great value! of course this is especially a vital to look for the sake of if you ever need to fight a lich. Usually, a Mantle of Spell Resistance or a Cloak of Protection could last until unless you get a Scarab.

6) Winged Boots

Here the monks may be faster, but of course they’re having an absolutely a ridiculous problem; they of course do not have some ranged attacks. Well, not the good ones. Of course they’re mostly exclusively melee.

By spending the Ki points are capable to get some distance closing moves…But even though why they are not just get the Flight! of that was not enough, it’s a flight that is equal to your basic walking speed. And the Monk’s walking speed gets a little bit silly :).

Other Magic Items

1) Belt of Giant’s Strength

Now you may be saying “But the Monk can use Dexterity for attack rolls!” okay fine, they actually capable to use Strength. By using this belt, you could get some maximum of +9 to your unarmed attacks (with a Storm Giant belt).

Simply Considering you deck people in a face 4 times for each one round….it may also be better for you to have a high-level Belt than your Barbarian too! Of course as we all know that is a lot more extra melee damage for being a throwing out every round. And it is not like you lose Dexterity for it, either!

2) Boots of Speed

Suppose, if you do not to be fly, then the Boots of Speed can be….So much Ridiculous :). Actually, a max-level Monk with Boots of Speed could be taking a Dash action that moves at 240 feet a round. That’s actually a mile for every two minutes.

However without any kind of magical buffs! You’re surely moving as fast as a fastest human’s dead sprint. For an urgent missions that can not be teleported to, even though your monk could have different things are covered. It is even be tricky for out-run your monk if you’re chasing down an enemy.

3) Cloak of Invisibility

This is a highly contested item. You’re still allowed in order to attack from the full invisibility without of any real consequence. That being said, so for a monk, that is the great way to get many attack rolls and also a Stunning Strike on the prioritized target! by the time when you have this specific cloak, some of the enemies might have Blindsight. So that, you should make sure that you could stay proficient in the Stealth and play things safer!

4) Dust of Disappearance

Until you get your Cloak of Invisibility, the monk was still want few ways to help in the bail-out situation. Here this Dust of Disappearance allow you to area-of-effect turn people invisible. What doe it mean is you can use your Bonus Action to dash for your party and make them all go poof! It is great utility, and also a great defensive buff, of course for the sake of a monk that who is willing to spend resources.

5) Necklace of Fireballs

In different fights with the ridiculous pile of the enemies, you shall need to have that Area of Effect available. So, unless you’re selecting the Four Elements or Sun Soul traditions, even you’re being stuck with melee attacks. The fireball does a great damage too, and a Necklace does not have the terrible saving throw DC on it. It is great for when the Monk needs to help clear enemies out there!

What is The Most Powerful Magic Item 5e in D&D?

We have been listed some other good and powerful magic items for monks. You can check them down below: But you must talk to your dungeon master depending upon the campaign, your access for the magic items may be limited. Even though your DM shall determine which the magic items are and also are not available in a campaign.

So let them know which type of magic items that you’re interested in but try to be an open-minded whenever if they’re uncomfortable of permitting some or any of the magic items that you request.

1) Arcane propulsion arm

It is the Wondrous item and seldom too (it requires an attunement by a creature missing a hand or an arm). Actually, the arcane propulsion arm from the Eberron: Rising from the Last War was an effective weapon for the sake of player characters those who are missing the hand or an arm.

It is actually removable only by you, meaning here is that you shall always being have the magic weapon upon your person which could hit for 1d8 force damage and also being used for the ranged attacks. However the arcane propulsion arm has a thrown property, even a normal range of 20 feet, and a long range of 60 feet.

Even though, the monk’s Martial Arts damage die scales beyond 1d8, do not overlook a fact which an arcane propulsion arm deals the force damage.

2) Barrier tattoo

Wondrous item, varies (requires attunement)

Anyway I’m one of the biggest fans of the magical tattoos that is introduced in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, that is why you would see them on this list. So, in an addition for allowing you to further personalize your character, al though the barrier tattoo may offers the range of the Armor Class improvements depending upon its rarity.

Of course an uncommon barrier tattoo makes your AC 12 + your Dexterity modifier, and also a rare one gets you to 15 + your Dexterity modifier (+2 maximum) AC, and also some of them are very rare ink shall get you 18 AC.

Actually, the value of this specific magic item may depend upon your monk’s AC with Unarmored Defense. Chances are, an uncommon barrier tattoo won’t be useful to you but a rare or very rare one will.

3) Blood fury tattoo

This has been taken from the Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement). Normally, this blood fury tattoo is a first legendary item for the monks on this list-and also it packs a punch. This tattoo comes with the 10 charges which are regained almost daily at dawn.

Al though, each and every time that you hit a creature with the weapon attack, and even you could use a charge for dealing an additional 4d6 necrotic damage. However you’re then heal off of the necrotic damage which you’ve been dealt.

But that’s not it! This is one of the legendary magic items, after all. Whenever a creature that you could see the damages you, you could expend the charge from a tattoo and also use your reaction for being make the melee attack against to the creature with some advantage. Nothing like punishing your enemies with a Stunning Strike for targeting you!

4) Eldritch claw tattoo

This is one of the d&d magical items for monks and it was taken from the Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement).

The third and final tattoo on our list was an effective option for the sake of monks at an uncommon rarity. Al though, with an eldritch claw tattoo, all of your unarmed strikes were considered to be magical for a specific purpose of overcoming the immunity and also the resistance for the sake of nonmagical attacks, and also you would gain a +1 bonus to attack and also the damage rolls with some of the unarmed strikes.

However, you’re even get the cool ranged attack option. Once per a day, you could even empower a tattoo for a minute and granting your unarmed strikes and the melee weapon attacks a range of 15 feet and an extra 1d6 of force damage too.

5) Gloves of soul catching

This is the most powerful item as per my view and it is a Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement).

Now coming to us from an arcane adventure anthology the  Candlekeep Mysteries, the gloves of soul catching shall make your monk class a best force to be reckoned with. While you’d wear the gloves, and your constitution score is 20. (For a rare magic item which buffs your Constitution score, try an amulet of health.)

So, further whenever you make an unarmed strike during wearing of the gloves, you would be dealt an extra 2d10 force damage to your target and even it regain hit points that are equal to a force damage dealt. So alternatively, instead of regaining the hit points, you could select to gain an advantage on one attack roll, ability check, or the saving throw that you make before an end of your next turn.

6) Staff of striking

Staff, very rare (requires attunement)

The staff of striking is the classic monk weapon at its very rare rarity. It usually grants a +3 bonus for attack and also to damage rolls made by it. Mainly the staff also has the 10 charges.

Whenever you hit with the melee weapon attack while it is using the staff and you could expend almost up to three of the charges, that is dealing with an extra 1d6 force damage for an each charge used. However the staff replenishes 1d6+4 charges at dawn.

7) Tome of understanding

Wondrous item, very rare

While any type of character could be benefited from the tome of understanding and few classes are like dependent upon multiple ability scores as the monks. This tome usually helps to ensure the DC of your monk features such as Stunning Strike and your AC are good even at their high levels.

However a tome of the understanding contains “intuition and insight exercises” (sudoku, it’s a book of sudoku) and it requires 48 hours of study over a specific period of six days or less. Suppose, if you would manage that and then your Wisdom score and also its maximum shall be increase by 2.

8) Iron Rain

Dagger, rare (requires attunement)

You already have a +1 bonus in order to attack and the damage rolls that are made up of this magic weapon. Al though, whenever you use an attack action, you could replace an attack with hurling a dagger and also using its command word.

Of course all types of creatures within a 30-ft cone of which you roll a DC 13 Dexterity saving throw. The creatures which may fail this saving throw could take the damage that is equal to a weapon attack from the dagger.

9) Boots of the Lightning Path

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

Because of you are wearing these soft, calf-high boots, also your walking speed shall increase by 10 feet. Of course the boots usually have 9 charges, and also they would be regain all kinds of expended charges at the dawn.

Whenever you use a Dash action and also expend a charge, that time your steps crackle with the lightning, and also you would deal an extra 1d6 lightning damage with your very next successful weapon attack within the next minute only. Of course you have a chance to have up to 3d6 additional damage from these boots simultaneously.

10) Dragon Armlets

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement by a monk)

These are the two silver bracelets have dragon decorations. They are connected by five fine chains, of course they are meant to be worn upon the similar arm.

While you do wear them, you could directly use your Deflect Missiles feature that is against to the ranged spell attack like if it was a ranged weapon attack. Also the armlets could be used in this way once, and can’t be used again for its first 10 minutes.

11) Wisdom-Writing of Mortality

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

Basically, this sacred scroll is the lengthy text which always offers an enlightening truths regarding the nature of mortality. Of course you should read from even at least once per every single day (24 hours), during the short or long rests, for maintaining the attunement.

Probably, your attunement lasts for about 24 hours past your death, and even no other creature can attune to the scroll in that given time. Al though, you can spend 4 ki points to cast revivify and 6 ki points to cast raise dead. Mainly, you should still expend a normal material component for all those spells. You could also cast any one of these spells with the scroll once facility, and also regain the ability for doing so at dawn.

Whenever you had been dead for almost 24 hours, the scroll casts reincarnate upon you unless until you are choosen to remain dead. Here your remains are immune to the animate dead during that 24-hour span.

12) Lion Wraps

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

You almost have +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls on the unarmed attacks that are made while wearing these cloth wraps upon your forearms and also the lower legs. Of course here the clothes wraps are painted with the elaborate depictions of lions.

You can even select to deal a slashing damage rather than the bludgeoning damage along with your unarmed attacks. Even though, whenever you end the frightened condition upon yourself simply by succeeding on a saving throw or by using the Stillness of Mind feature, you regain 1 ki point.

13) Staff of Vaulting

Quarterstaff, common

This quarterstaff is an unusually limber. Mainly, whenever you use it as a part of a jump, and your jumping distance is undoubtedly doubled. Suppose, if you use a Step of the Wind the feature to double your jumping distance simultaneously, you triple your jumping distance instead.

14) Belt of Emerald Mastery

Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement by a monk)

It is the braided green silk belt denotes on an early stage upon the path of mastery in a specific monastic order. Whenever you’ve 0 ki points remaining with you, that time you could use the bonus action in order to regain 1d4+1 ki points. Of course the belt could do so once, and even you’re about to regain the use of this ability the next day at dawn.

15) Belt of Ruby Mastery

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement by a monk)

It is made up of braided red silk, this belt usually denotes an intermediate stage upon the path of mastery in a particular monastic order. However you could use a bonus action for regaining 1d4+1 ki points. Of course the belt is capable to do so three times, even though not more than once per hour, and regains all the uses each day at a dawn.

16) Belt of Onyx Mastery

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement by a monk)

This is a Braided black silk is a mark of exalted mastery, of course at least for a noted monastic order. So the maximum size of your ki pool increases by 4.

These are the magic items for monk 5e if you’ve any other items with you that are usable by the monks then please leave your thoughts through the below given comment box and we will appreciate your work. If you have a question lke our co players called can monks use magic items? then the answer is yes and you can see them from the above lines.

Wrap Up:

The monks do not need so many magical items; the class is just built around being self-sufficient, and also is strong as a melee bruiser. In any case, they could still get some bonuses in order to help them keep up with everyone else! You should keep your eye out for an easy boosts to AC, natural attack damage, or fly speed. Hope you liked all the D&D 5e good monk magic items that mentioned above.

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