Animated Shield (Magic Items)

Armor (shield), very rare (requires attunement)

While holding a shield, that you are able to speak its command word as a bonus action for causing it to an animate. However the shield leaps into the air and also it hovers in your space for protecting you like if you were wielding it, by leaving your hands free.

The shield shall be remain to be animated for a minute, unless until you use the bonus action in order to end this effect, or else until you’re incapacitated or even die, at which point the shield shall be fall to a ground or else into your hand if you have one free.

Of course the shield that has been made from wood or the metal and it is carried in a hand. In Wielding a shield shall be increased your armor class by 2. You can be benefit from only a shield simultaneously.

Notes: Utility, Warding

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