Alchemy Jug (Blue) (Magic Item)

Wondrous item, uncommon
Usually, this ceramic jug may appear to be able to hold the gallon of a liquid and it weighs up to 12 pounds whether a full or empty. Basically, the slashing sounds could be heard from within a jug whenever it is shaken, even if it is empty.
 You can easily use an action and also name a liquid from a table we mentioned below for causing the jug to produce the selected liquid.
So that, Afterward you can uncork the jug like an action and also pour that specific liquid out, up to 2 gallons per minute. So, the maximum amount of liquid a jug could produce depends upon the liquid that you named.
Any way once a jug started to producing a liquid, then it can not be produced a different one, or else more of  one that has been reached to its maximum, until its next dawn.
LiquidMax Amount
Beer4 gallons
Boiling Hot Tea1 quart
Honey1 gallon
Mayonnaise2 gallons
Vinegar2 gallons
Water, fresh8 gallons
Water, salt12 gallons
Wine1 gallon

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