Acheron Blade (Magic Items)

Generic variant, rare (requires attunement)

As per this magic item the black blade of this sword has been crafted from the mysterious arcane alloy. You can also gain a +1 bonus to attack and even the damage rolls shall be made with this magic weapon. However while a sword is on your person, then you are immune to the effects which turn undead.

Dark Blessing: While it is holding a sword, then you can easily use an action for giving yourself 1d4 + 4 temporary hit points. So this property can not be used again until the next dusk.

Disheartening Strike: Whenever you hit a creature by using an attack using this Acheron Blade, you can easily fill out this target with unsettling dread; Of course the target has the disadvantage on its next saving throw it shall make before the end of your next turn.

Usually, the creature ignores this effect that it it is immune to the frightened condition. However once you use this property, you are unable to do again until its next dusk.

Base items: Basically, this item variant can be applied to the following base items:

  • Double-Bladed Scimitar (Acheron Blade Double-Bladed Scimitar)
  • Greatsword (Acheron Blade Greatsword)
  • Longsword (Acheron Blade Longsword)
  • Rapier (Acheron Blade Rapier)
  • Scimitar (Acheron Blade Scimitar)
  • Shortsword (Acheron Blade Shortsword)

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