Absorbing Tattoo (Magic Items)

Wondrous item (tattoo), very rare (requires attunement)

This magic item has been produced by a special needle, so this magic tattoo features designs which emphasize one color.

Tattoo Attunement: In order to attune this item, you must hold a needle to your skin wherever you would like to tattoo to appear, by pressing a needle there throughout an attunement procedure. So, whenever the attunement is finish, the needle shall turn into a ink which shall become a tattoo, which would appear on the skin.

Suppose, if your attunement to a tattoo ends, the tattoo shall be vanished and the needle will be reappear within your space.

Damage Resistance: While a tattoo is upon your skin and you have the resistance to a specific type of the damage which is associated with that particular color, as we mentioned in the below table. The DM selects the color or else determines it randomly.

d10Damage TypeColor

Damage Absorption: Whenever you take the damage of any selected type, you can easily use your reaction for gaining the immunity against that particular instance of a damage, and even you can regain the number of hit points which are equal to half the damage that you would’ve taken. Once this reaction has been used, then it can not be use again until its next dawn.

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