Abracadabrus (Magic Items)

Wondrous item, very rare

Usually, this magic item is an ornate, gemstone-studded wooden chest which commonly weighs 25 pounds while it is empty. Even its interior compartment is the cube measuring 1½ feet on a side. It’s chest has the 20 charges.

However here a creature is capable to use an action for touching the closed lid of a chest and expend 1 of the chest’s charges while it is naming one or even more non magical objects (which includes raw materials, foodstuffs, and liquids) which worth’s a total of 1 gp or less.

Here the named objects are magically appear within the chest, those are provided that they can all fit inside of it and also the chest does not contain anything else. For an instance, the chest could conjure the plate of strawberries, a bowl of hot soup, a flagon of water, a stuffed animal, or a bag of twenty caltrops.

Its food and drink shall be conjured by the chest are delicious, and they are even spoil if they are not consumed after 24 hours. The gems and the precious metals have been created by a chest shall disappear after a minute.

The chest shall be regained 1d20 expended charges daily at dawn. Suppose, if the term’s are last charge has been expended, then roll a d20. On a 1, the chest shall loses its magic (becoming an ordinary chest), and its gemstones turn to dust.

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