Thieves Cant 5E Language

d&d thieves cant symbols

Do you know about thieves cant 5e language? can you take it as a language? Does the comprehend languages work on thieves cant? If you do not know about these aspects you can read our article and get to know everything about this dnd language.

The thieves cant was one of the secret languages of rogues. It was spoken by the rogues. But mainly it is a skill which has gained by the rogues at their 1st level.

We are going to tell you about the uses of thieves cant dnd 5e. The hidden language is consisted more more of slangs and also the innuendos more than the usual language. However the main use of thisĀ  thieves cant 5e was to communicate rogue activities, like banditry, burglary, finding marks, and discussing loot.

This thieves cant language dnd 5e, is also known as Rogue’s cant or the peddler’s French, it was the secret language formerly used by different thieves, beggars and also hustlers in the Great Britain and even some other English-speaking countries.

Also the classic, colorful argot has now mostly been a obsolete, and is hugely relegated to a realm of the literature and even fantasy role-playing, although it is individual terms continue for being used in a criminal subcultures of both Britain and also the United States.

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Thieves cant translator

We have translated common language to thieves cant alphabet by using the thieves cant translator d&d, you can check them now.

Common Language: a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

Thieves Cant Language: a b c d e f g h too j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

Thieves Cant Dictionary

You can check the thieves cant language dictionary from the below mentioned list. We have provided almost all the words.

  • Amon = To hold a hostage
  • Arkar = A Crowd
  • Asorit = A Jail Sentence
  • Bakre = A Disguise
  • Balsan = To Burn
  • Doing the out and out = Killing Someone
  • Ekob = The Darkness
  • Eski = The Shadow
  • Jaunt = A Specific Criminal job, like stealing or robbing
  • Nympher = A female pickpocket who has distracted intended victims
  • Scamp = A fellow criminal or bandit.

Thieves cant Symbols

There are different d&d thieves cant symbols, we have given the image below check it once. These are the thieves cant 5e examples.

thieves cant symbols

Is 5e Thieves CantĀ  Written Language ?

Yes! thieves cant is a written language! As per this you can understand the set of secret signs and also the symbols which are used to convey short, simple messages, like whether an area was dangerous or else the territory of thieves guild, however loot is nearby only, or whether some of the people in an area are much easier marks or they will provide a safe home for thieves on run.

That’s why all these thieves cant symbols are portrayed like an international code known to the thieves – but not in any way localised.

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