Terran Language DnD 5E

Basically, the terran was the language to the creatures which are from the Elemental Plane of Earth or else those otherwise related to the earth in some other way. Many of the earthsoul genasi can be learned the language as well. Whenever it has written that time it used the Dethek script.

This terran was a rumbling language with some deep tones which are reverberate via the listener. Actually, it was considered as a dialect of the primordial, so that the creatures who have been spoken one of other elemental dialects like the Aquan, Auran or Ignan could understand Terran and vice-versa.

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Attributes Of Terran Language DnD 5E

  • Language Family: Primordial
  • Script: Dethek
  • Spoken in: Elemental Plane of Earth

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