ORC Language 5E In DnD

Either ORC or orchish or daraktan whatever the name it is but the language was same and context was similar. It was the common language which was used to write, spoken by most of the ORC’s. The daraktan have used the dethek script. Basically this ORC Language 5E have been evolved from the archaic hulgorkyn 5e language was used by the ORC’s.

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ORC Attributes

Script: Dethek

Spoken By: ORCs

ORC Names

Actually, in the Faerûn below mentioned typical names were used by the ORC’s. We’ve categorized them in two ways such as given names and also the surnames.

Given Names:

  • Male Names: Besk, Durth, Fang, Gothog, Harl, Kesk, Orrusk, Tharag, Thog, Ugurth
  • Female Names: Betharra, Creske, Edarreske, Duvaega, Neske, Orvaega, Varra, Yeskarra


  • Dummik, Horthor, Lammar, Sormuzhik, Turnskull, Ulkrunnar, Zorgar

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