Narfelli DnD 5E Language

This Narfelli 5e language was an original language of a Nar people of an ancient Narfelli Empire. Basically, this was strongly influenced by an abyssal language, like more of that particular empires history was influenced by some devils and demons. By the 1372 DR, this Narfelli was the dead language and also the survivors of a Narfelli Empire Nars, spoke Damaran and Naric. Basically, the language was also had the strong influence on the modern Dambrathan language.

Attributes Of Narfelli DnD 5E Language

Language Family: Faerûnian languages

Language Group: Ulou

Language Subgroup: Low Ulutim

Influenced by: Abyssal

Spoken in : Ancient Narfell

Spoken by : Nars

Based on : Baltic

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