Naican DnD 5E Language

Normally, dnd 5e languages this Naican was a particular language in a Imaskari languages group, which has spoken in the Hordelands. Any how this naican has the round and also the broad vowel sounds with a rolled R sounds. Of course many of its potentially consonant sounds were harsh like the C and K. Here the sound of L was heavily aspirated. Al though its grammar had the subject-object–verb order.

Actually, this tongue has been spoken by the nomadic Naican tribe. But these Naican did not have their own script or a written form. It was a hybrid language which has derived from both sides like Northern and Southern Imaskari language groups. Normally, it has been influenced by empire of Raumathar and also the language of Muhjuri.

Attributes Of Naican DnD 5E Language

Language Family: Imaskari languages

Language Group: Imaskari

Language Subgroup: Northern Imaskari; Southern Imaskari

Influenced by: Muhjuri; Raumvira

Spoken in: The Hordelands

Based on: Altaic

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