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Would you like to start your dungeons and dragons role playing game journey with dnd 5e learning languages ? then if you start now how long does it take? how can you learn any of your favorite and useful one? what are the best languages to know in dnd?  we have answered for all these queries and many more. Check out the article below and hopefully you will like this article.

The languages are helpful for building bridges or burn them and to uncover secrets or burry them. So, for any social interactions, every character should have some dnd 5e languages to learn. So, it all depends upon the two options such as, your type of character, and also where your DM takes a campaign. Of course the answer is obviously Common, like mostly everybody gets that for free only, that’s why it is the best one to communicate in.

Before we go into deep we have to solve a query called how many languages can you learn in dnd 5e? there is no limit, why because they can be learned during downtime.

How long does it take to learn a language in dnd 5e ?

Of course ! you can spend the time between adventures learning a new language or else training with the set of tools. Mainly, your Game Master(GM) may allow some additional training options. But first, you should find out an instructor who is interested to teach you. However the GM usually determines how long it takes to learn, and also whether one or more ability checks are mostly required. Any way the training duration is about 250 days and costs 1 gp per day. Any how after you spend this much time and money, you do learn the new language or even gain the proficiency with a new tool.

What are the most common/useful languages 5e to learn in dnd?

So, what language should my dnd character know? the most useful languages are mentioned below you can check the list:

  1. Thieves’ Cant
  2. Goblin
  3. Draconic
  4. Undercommon
  5. Giant
  6. Elvish
  7. Dwarven
  8. Abyssal/Infernal
  9. Celestial

All these dnd 5e learning languages are mentioned at one place you can check them from here.

How do i learn another Language in 5E?

Normally, to learn a dnd language can take 8-weeks of in-game play and also it requires someone in a group who should speak a language and they must travel together for better communication. Actually, this normally reduced as below:

  • -1 week if > 1 other person in the group speaks the language
  • -1 week if any of the above people speak it natively (a dwarf teaching dwarven)
  • -0.5 weeks for every point of intelligence bonus on the student
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: How Many Languages Can A Player Learn In DnD?

A: Actually, in 1st level of the dnd 5e, the highest would be 9. Human variant + linguist feat + Sage/Courtier/Anthropologist/etc + Knowledge Cleric. 2+3+2+2 =9, like there are only eight common languages, you can effectively speak with most everyone from the mortal plain.

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