Druidic DnD Language 5E

For the druids this druidic language was a secret language. All of the druids has taught druidic, and also they were almost forbidden for teaching the language for anyone who was not a druid. Actually, this Druidic able to made for using of its own alphabetic script.

This druidic language has some sub languages; this druidic was a language of subgroup composed of two distinct but the similar languages. Of course the vast majority of druids can be spoken Drueidan; those from Moonshaes can spoke a language which is known as Daelic.

Eventually, this druidic language was developed by the powerful group of druids those who has worshiped the Silvanus. Silvanus made an agreement along with the nature gods of the Faerûnian pantheon for allowing the druids at all over this Faerûn to speak it.

Also the Daelic, on an other hand, has been developed by the druids who has worshiped the Earthmother.

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Attributes Of Druidic DnD Language 5E

  • Language Family: Faerûnian languages
  • Language Group: Waelan
  • Script: Druidic
  • Spoken by: Druids
  • Based on: Celtic

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