Drow Language 5E

Basically this Drow Language 5e was one of the most common native language of drow. These are humanoids with many features. The drow can be classified into two types such as deep/low drow and high drow. These are explained below.

Deep/Low Drow

This deep drow can also be called as low drow or drowic. This Drow Language dnd was a normal language of the drow. In this deep/low drow each of their isolated community had their own variant by a distinct accent. In a single-word columns with a small punctuation this drow language can be read from right to left.

High Drow

This high drow has long and runic alphabet, of course it was more complex language than the low drow. Actually, by the priestesses this dnd language has been used by primarily. They’ve used this in their regular rituals and also by nobles who had wished not to be understood by the lower-born drow and the slaves too.

Drow Sign Language

This is a language which is in silent hand code used for communicating in the underdark. Eventhough, all other 5e languages should be heard to be communicated but the drow sign should be seen for gathering any of their meaning. As we knew it has a silent hand code that’s why it doesn’t have any alphabets or written form too.

Because of this code language all of the humans and also the other goodly races were frequently confused any of the language’s motions like the spell conjurations.

That’s why this drow sign language was normally known by the drow, those who have found in specifically useful on the patrols and in an other instances whenever silence was expedient. Any how, it was one of the expensive languages and capable to convey not only tone but their emotions too.

Drow/Drowish Language translator

Common Language (English): a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

Drow/Drowish Language: natha b c d e f g h usstan j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

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