DnD 5E Deep Speech vs Undercommon Languages

Would you like to know what is the difference between deep speech vs undercommon ? then here is our post comparing these two dnd languages. In this article we have written their common features and some other different stuff. So you can easily find out their difference by comparing them each other. So check them below now. Also check our official languages list.

Deep Speech vs Undercommon Language

Deep Speech: The deep speech 5e was one of the languages of aberrations, an alien form of the communication originating in a Far Realm. Of course it did not have its native script relating to its own. But whenever it written by the mortals that it has been used the Espruar script, like it was first transcribed by a drow due to the frequent contact in between the two groups which are stemming from living in relatively close proximity within a underdark. This language has spoken by the aberrations.

Deep Speech

Undercommon: This undercommon was the trade language which has spoken by majority of intelligent races which are native to the underdark. However the speakers of the Undercommon are included the following races such as aboleth, choker, chuul, cloaker, delver, drider, drow, duergar, dwarf, githyanki, githzerai, grimlock, kobold, kuo-toa, orc, rakshasa, roper, svirfneblin, and mind flayer races. This language has written by using the Espruar alphabet.

Undercommon Alphabets

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