Damaran DnD 5E Language

This damaran in dnd 5e was the regional language of Northeast Faerûn and also the official language of a kingdom of Damara. Basically, this damaran was the major dialect of Chardic. Although, this dnd language was spoken by may peoples and also in many lands which includes Aglarond, Altumbel, the Anauroch, Cormyr, the Dalelands, the Dragon Coast, the Great Dale, the Galena Mountains, the Great Glacier, Guidodale, the Hordelands, Icelace Lake, Impiltur, the Moonsea, Narfell, Rashemen, the Ride, Sembia, among the Shadovar, Thay, Thesk, Vaasa, the Vast, and the Vilhon Reach.

Of course it sometimes was actually spoken by dwarves, elves, goblins, half-elves, orcs, half-orcs, planetouched, taers, and volodni. In a vaasa, the creole of Chardic was frequently spoken in an addition to the Damaran dialect.

Normally, the speakers of a Damaran tongue used the Dethek alphabet of the dwarves. This practice has been developed from a relationship in between the people of Impiltur and also the dwarves of an Earthfast Mountains.

Attributes Of Damaran DnD 5E Language

  • Language Family: Faerûnian languages
  • Language Group: Ulou
  • Language Subgroup: Chard
  • Common Dialects: Damaran, Vaasan creole
  • Influenced by: Common
  • Script: Dethek
  • Spoken in: Damara, The Great Dale, Impiltur, The Moonsea, Narfell, Thesk, Vaasa, The Vast
  • Spoken by: Humans
  • Based on: Baltic

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