Dalat DnD 5E Language

This dalat was the language of Hordelands. Basically, this language had the harsh consonant sounds, specifically its Ks, and also the sounds of L were much aspirated.

Also its grammer had the order of subject-object-verb. This Dalat language primarily spoken by the nomadic dalat tribe.

It doesn’t had its written script. Even though, the scholars has been classified dalat like one of the Southern Imaskari languages. It also was strongly influenced by the Muhjuri language.

Attributes Of Dalat DnD 5E Language

Language Family: Imaskari languages

Language Group: Imaskari

Language Subgroup: Southern Imaskari

Influenced by: Muhjuri

Spoken in: the Hordelands

Spoken by: Dalat, Tribes of the Hordelands

Based on: Altaic

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