Central Thorass 5E Languages

Eventually, the central thorass dnd language subgroup was included the Chondathan and the common and even some of the large numbers of their lesser-known derivative languages and also the dialects.

Despite of its name, their parent language of these languages in this specific group was Jhaamdathan, or else “Old Chondathan”. The modern Chondathan has been derived directly from an old Chondathan, while the Thorass/Old Common, even though the original trade language of the Faerûn, was the mixture of Alzhedo and even Jhaamdathan, common was also simply the modern version of Thorass.

Basically, from this thorass language sprang the number of lesser-known languages and also the dialects, those are including:

  • Northern
  • Auld Cormanthan
  • Cormanthan
  • Maiden’s Tongue

Thorass alphabet is the script which has used by all the languages of this group.

Central Thorass Language Script

Attributes Of Central Thorass 5E Languages

  • Language Family: Faerûnian languages
  • Language Group: Thorass
  • Script: Thorass
  • Spoken by: Humans
  • Based on: Italic

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