Bawani 5E language

Normally, this bawani dnd 5e language was spoken by all the Bawani peoples of Bawa, of the island kingdoms of the Kara-Tur. Al though, the proper name of this language was almost unknown and even none of its details are known about this language. Of course it might a similar language like the Bavanese and/or Bertanese.

“The Kara-Tur: Actually, the ancestor feats and also the martial arts styles” in dragon #315 notes it would basically use names from the Philipines or else the Indonesia. Even though a Ronin challenge naturally bases lidahan on the Indonesian, even suggesting the possible. the hypothetical connection in between them.

Attributes Of Bawani 5E language

Language Family: Kara-Turan languages

Spoken in: Bawa

Spoken by: Bawani

Based on: Indonesian or Filipino

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