D&D Background Languages 5E

Do you know what are the best d&d background languages ? here we are to discuss about them. In this blog post we will going to show you the table which includes the dnd backgrounds and languages as well. You can check them below.

So, what dnd background gives the most languages? A background usually gives you some extra languages, on top of the ones that you know from your race.

  1. A background gives your character a background feature (or a general benefit) and the proficiency in two skills and of course it might have also been given you some of the additional languages or proficiency with some specific kinds of tools.
  2. So, whenever you select a background, then you do add the features and it grants to your existing traits.
  3. Basically, your Outlander Elf must know three languages such as common, Elvish, and another of your choice.

These are the most useful aspects and perfect answer to d&d background languages. You can check the more details from down below.

Background with the most languages 5e

So, in a particular scenario wherever a 5e background gives you a language 5e which was already provided by your Race/class, so you must be capable of swap it out directly. In order to solve the issue you have to customize your background, for this the player’s handbook has a section which is specifically dedicated for customizing the backgrounds, which you have a chance to use them.

Best Ways to Customizing a Background
  • You may would like to tweak some of the best features of a dnd background so that it would be better fit your character or a campaign setting.
  • So, to customize a background, you have a chance to replace a feature with any other one, you can select any of the two skills, and of course select a total of two tool proficiencies or the languages from some sample backgrounds.
  • However you are either able to use an equipment package from your background or else spend coin on gear as it is described in the PHB chapter 5.
  • If you spend a coin, then you can’t also take the equipment package suggested for your class.
  • The final word here is, you can select two personality traits, one ideal, one bond, and one flaw.
  • But if you are unable to find a feature which matches your desired background, then you must ask to your DM to create one.

These are the best and core part of the rules and of course it is not just a Variant rule. Anyway, this is the Adventurer’s League compatible, that’s why it is very much unlikely that your DM would refuse to permit this.

DnD Backgrounds That Give Languages

But as per my opinion any of the dnd backgrounds shall not give you a specific language, simply one or two languages depends upon your choice. You can check the below table for more clarity on it.  So What background gives the most languages 5e? the answer is the table below.

acolyteAny x2
anthropologistAny x2
ArchaeologistAny x1
Black Fist Double AgentNone
Caravan SpecialistAny x1
City WatchAny x2
Clan CrafterAny x1
Cloistered ScholarAny x2
Cormanthor RefugeeElvish
CourtierAny x2
DissenterSpecial (See page)
Dragon CasualtyDraconic
Earthspur MinerDwarvish, Undercommon
Faction AgentAny x2
Far TravelerAny x1
Folk HeroNone
Gate UrchinNone
Guild ArtisanAny x1
Guild MerchantAny x1
Haunted OneExotic x1
HermitAny x1
Hillsfar MerchantNone
Hillsfar SmugglerAny x1
House AgentNone
InvestigatorAny x2
Iron Route BanditNone
KnightAny x1
Knight of the OrderAny x1
Mercenary VeteranNone
Mulmaster AristocratNone
NobleAny x1
OutlanderAny x1
Phlan InsurgentNone
Phlan RefugeeAny x1
SageAny x2
Secret IdentityNone
Shade FanaticNetherese
Stojanow PrisonerNone
Ticklebelly NomadGiant
Trade SheriffElvish
Urban Bounty HunterNone
Uthgardt Tribe MemberAny x1
Waterdhavian NobleAny x1
D&D Gladiator ArenaAny x1
Background languages dnd 5e

For all type of exotic and standard languages you can check the full length article from here.

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