Auran Language DnD 5E

The Auran language in dnd 5e was a language of the Elemental Plane of Air. It can also be known as Old Alzhedo, like the modern Alzhedo language can be spoken in Calimshan derived from it.

Basically, this auran language was a breathy and relaxed language which has been described like a slow exhaling of air. Normally, it has considered a dialect of the primordial, for that the creatures who spoke one of some other elemental dialects like Aquan, Ignan or Terran could be understand the Auran and vice-versa.

Both of these such as Alzhedo and also Midani were derived from the Auran. In an addition to the creatures native for the plane of air, and also auran was can sometimes spoken by the air genasi and also the smoke drakes. The kenku able to understand this auran, but it can only produce the speech via its mimicry skill.

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Attributes Of Auran Language

  • Language Family: Primordial
  • Script: Dwarvish
  • Spoken In: Elemental Plane Of Air

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