Allesian Language DnD 5E

Allesian Language was one of the dnd languages which has spoken by the inhabitants of thesk and also the Ashanath, even the region southwest of a lake ashane, from a kront in a north to a river umber in the place of south and also from the Telflamm with in a west to a Plateaus of thay in the east.

Basically, it was a Raumtheran language, by just like a Rashemi, Which was spoken to a northeast. It actually had two dialects such as Ashane and Golden Allesian.

Attributes Of Allesian

Language Family: Faerûnian languages

Language Group: Raumtheran

Common Dialects: Ashane, Golden Allesian

Spoken in: Thesk; Ashanath

Spoken by: Theskians

Based on: Slavic

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