Alambit Language DnD 5E

Alambit was one of the languages which has spoken by inhabitants of peninsula of the Altumbel and even the lands along a coast of a sea of fallen stars those are towards the alamber sea, also from spandeliyon in a northwest to thasselen in the southeast.

Actually, this alambit has been considered the Chessentic language, being able to be related to the Chessentan, and of course it was divided into two dialects such as Altumbelan and also the Coastal (or Reach) Alambit.

Attributes Of Alambit Language DnD 5E

Language Family: Faerûnian languages

Language Group: Chessan

Language Subgroup: Chessentic

Common Dialects: Altumbelan; Coastal/Reach

Spoken by: Humans

Based on: Greek

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