Mac-Fuirmidh Cittern D&D

This dnd 5e Mac-Fuirmidh cittern was the masterwork magic cittern  and it is one of the best instruments of the bards. Here we have included all the information about this dnd 5e item and you can check it from below lines. So lets start the tutorial now.

Description Of Mac-Fuirmidh Cittern D&D Item

These Mac-Fuirmidh citterns were mainly pear-shaped citterns which are similar to lutes, of course they are much more superior in each and every way for ordinary citterns. Such as the other instruments of the bards, however they could only be used more efficiently by the bards, and also they could be dangerous if anyone else attempted for playing or else to carry them.

Powers Of Mac-Fuirmidh Cittern Item

The bards wielding the Mac-Fuirmidh cittern has their own charming abilities greatly amplified by their magic. Like all other instruments of the bards, these cittern items had their ability of storing spells. The bard may be playing a Mac-Fuirmidh cittern could be invoked the spells such as;  fly, invisibility, levitate, protection from evil and good, barkskin, cure wounds and fog cloud each one once in a day, until that specific instrument has been recharged its magic at its next dawn.

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Actually, the first Mac-Fuirmidh citterns had created by the legendary bard in a  Moonshae Isles which are named as Falataer. However he has been used them to test and also reward the students of Mac-Fuirmidh level of his bardic college, those who are came to be regarded individually like a legendary bard college in its own right.

Over the specific time, some of the other bards have been copied their original design, while they are retaining the original name in the Falataer’s honor.

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