DnD 5E Glaur (instrument)

The glaur was the short curved valved horn, it is popular among the bards in the Realms. However it was much similar to the cornucopia and it has been sounded like the trumpet. Actually, it is a type of musical instrument and it is available at Faerun.

Description Of DnD 5E Glaur (instrument)

The glaur was the more versatile instrument than the other trumpets. Basically, its sound was brash and metallic too. All these Glaurs are made of the brass, silver and by the electrum were available or the purchase via the Aurora’s Whole Realms Catalogue.

The variant of the glaur without the values had been called the gloon and even they had the more mournful sound too.

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Notable Glaurs

By following the Spellplague, there was known to be exist within the Realms a legendary glaur from the Elturgard which was valved and also even plated in the electrum. However it had the unique curvature for it which was produced the brash, metallic roar which was unlikely any other glaur.  However the legends claimed that it has once been blown by the god Torm.

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