DnD 5E Fochlucan Bandore Item

This Fochlucan bandore dnd 5e item was the masterwork magic bandore and it is one of the instruments of the bards. We are giving deep explanation of its description, powers and also its history. You can check them from the below lines. Fundamentally, it is a type of Wondrous item. Its rarity is uncommon and also its Attunement is required but the bard only.

Description Of Fochlucan Bandore Item

These Fochlucan bandores were the 3-string instruments which are similar to the lutes. However it was almost fashioned from striated maple wood and inset with the tiger’s eye stones.

The Powers

Fochlucan bandores were mostly superior in each and every way to ordinary bandores. Such as the other instruments of the bards, that they could only be used effectively by the bards, and even they could be more dangerous if anyone else attempted to be played or else even they are carry them.

Usually, the bards wielding a Fochlucan bandore had their personal charming abilities much greater amplified by their magic.

Such as all the instruments of the bards, these bandores had their own ability of storing various spells. The bard is playing Fochlucan bandore can be invoked the spells such as fly, invisibility, levitate, protection from evil and good, entangle, faerie fire, shillelagh and speak with animals each once a day, until unless the instrument has been recharged its magic at its next dawn.

Al though, in earlier the Fochlucan bandores, those who has found before the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, could only cast cast light, flare, mending, and message, each one a day.

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The primary Fochlucan bandores had created by the legendary bard in the Moonshae Isles named Falataer. However he has been used them to be tested and also reward different students of the Fochlucan level of his bardic college, which had come to be regarded individually like a legendary bard college within its own right.

Over a period of time, the other bards have been copied the original design, moreover while the retaining to normal name in Falataer’s honor.

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