DnD 5E Dulcimer Item

The dulcimer 5e item has other name that is Santur, it is a type of Musical Instrument. It is available from the Damara. Actually, this dulcimer was the stringed instrument which is known in the realms. Here the Zakharan version was known as the santur.

Description Of Dulcimer 5E Item

The dulcimer had the strings stretched over the sounding board, which almost was typically trapezoidal in the shape. Usually, the strings would be plucked or else struck with the hammer. Al though the santur was almsot similar in appearance to the qanun.

They were almost popular instruments in the Damara too, where they could provided the hearthside entertainment.

We are also giving some general information about this dnd 5e item. This dulcimer 5e cost 25gp and weighed 10lb (4.5kg). The Dulcimers have been produced by the Damaran craftsmen were available for purchase via Aurora’s Whole Realms Catalogue.

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