DnD Drums 5E Item

Here the dnd 5e drum items were the type of instrument. Their value is 6 gp and weigh up to 3 lb (1.4kg). Basically, these were a group of percussion instruments dating back a so much long way and even they used by the many races.

Description Of DnD Drums 5E Item

All the drums were characterized by the membrane, they usually made of skin, even though the parchment or else any kind of similar material would do. Actually, this would be stretched more tightly over the some kind of hollow resonating body, like the pot or the wooden cylinder, in order to creating the sound.


They known varieties were the kettledrums, side drums, bass drums, gong drums, bongos, tom-toms, cylinder drums, the changoo, talking drums, slit drums and hand drums. Also the special variants used in the Zakhara were be tapered drums or else the darbukkah, elephant drums, jahlah, the naqqarah, qas’ah baladi, and the tabl. Here the Iulutiuns had the drum called kilat made up of the sealskin over a circle of wood or bone.


The drums were almost considered a popular instrument among the wide range variety of races and also the cultures. Especially the dwarves, orcs, and even some other creatures which were dwelled underground. For all of the smaller races, such as Goblins and halflings, the bongos were typically preferred form of the drum because of their portability. The Celestials and the elves however, they normally felt distaste towards drums.

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