DnD 5E Darbukkah Item

The Darbukkah is a type of musical instruments and it is available from Zakhara. Actually, the Darbukkah (dar-BOOK-kah) was the medium-sized Zakharan drum. The Darbukkah item description has been mentioned below you can check it now.

Description Of DnD 5E Darbukkah Item

Actually, the darbukkah was the vase-shaped drum which was more wider at its top. Most of the darbukkah stood 2 feet high and also they were played while they are kneeling. Al though, the great darbukkahs of the Isle of the Elephant in the Ruined Kingdoms measured at 4 feet high and they were played while either they are in standing position or else whenever the drum was mounted on the side of the elephant.

Usually, the Darbukkah  was carved from the hard wood and also they adorned by the decorative artistry by the master craftsmen. However the head was made from the tanned hides of the jungle creatures.

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