DnD 5E Cymbals Item

These dnd 5e Cymbals items were the percussion instrument played in the continent of the zakhara. They have other name too i.e, Cymbols. Actually, they were also be used by the rock gnomes and in the certain khazari monasteries. From the below lines we have given a short description to this dnd 5e item you can check it now.

Description Of DnD 5E Cymbals Item

All the cymbal items consisted of two rounded thin plates which are made up of brass and which were slammed together for producing the sound. Actually, a pair of cymbals typically had the diameter of 18 inches and they weighed four pounds (4 lbs) and their cost is 20gp. Usually, the smaller version called the finger cymbals was also used in the Zakhara.

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