Canaith Mandolin DnD 5E

The Canaith mandolin dnd 5e item was the masterwork magic mandolin and it is also one of the best instruments of the bards.

Description Of Canaith Mandolin 5E Item

These Canaith mandolins items were 8-string mandolins. As other d&d instruments of the Bards, they could usually only be used in a proper way by the bards, and even they could be dangerous if anyone else has been attempted for playing or even to carry them.

The Powers Of Canaith Mandolin Item

All the bards were wielding this Canaith mandolin item had their charming abilities more efficiently amplified by their magic.

As all other instruments of the Bards, however these mandolins had their own capabilities of storing spells. The bard is playing the Canaith mandolin could have been invoked all of the spells fly, invisibility, levitate, protection from evil and good, cure wounds, dispel magic and protection from lightning each once in a day, it continues until their instrument would be recharged its magic at their next dawn.

History Of Canaith Mandolin Item

The history of this item has started with its legendary bard. The legendary bard were created these first Canaith mandolins. Actually, these legendary bards were created them in the Moonshae Isles named Falataer. Basically, he used them for testing and rewarding the students of the Canaith level of his bardic college, which were regularly came to be regarded individually like a legendary bard college in its own right.

Over the time, the other bards have been copied their original design, while retaining that original name in the Falataer’s honor.

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Basic Information Of Canaith Mandolin Item

Type: Wondrous item
Rarity: Rare
Attunement: Required (Bard Only)

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