D&D 5E Bonethriven Item

This Bonethriven item is a type of Musical Instrument and it is available from illithid settlements in the underdark. Usually, this bonethriven item was the wind instrument which could almost be found within the mind flayer communities.

Description Of D&D 5E Bonethriven Item

The instrument has been consisted of the resonance chamber which was mainly surrounded by an enormous assembly of tubes which were carved from various bones of the thralls. Fundamentally, it was played via an illithid blowing into a mouth piece during it has used its tentacles and the fingers in their conjunction for opening and closing a dozen stops.

The thrivenist which has become skilled enough for being master the instrument was capable of elicit different sounds so horribly which non-illithids who has heard the “music” were affected badly (negatively) by it until it stopped. The bonethriven was regularly played at the Spinal Tap tavern in Oryndoll.

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