D&D 5E Birdpipes

Actually, these d&d 5e birdpipes items has other names such as pan pipes, satyr pipes, shalm. They are a type of Musical instrument and they have 20 gp of value. Mostly, these birdpipes can also be called as shalm even though they have various names. They were  a type of pan pipes.

However they were scared to Lliira and the satyrs, these birdpipes were much popular among the wood elves and also wild elves.

Description Of D&D 5E Birdpipes Item

These birdpipes were somewhat equally related to the common longhorn. Usually, their rich sound has come from the series of their vertical tubes of various lengths, and they were said to be capable of charm ferocious animals. Of course they could be purchased via Aurora’s Whole Realms Catalogue too.

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