DnD 5E Bagpipes

These dnd 5e bagpipes were the type of items of wind instrument which is used a bag filled by the help of a mouthpiece for being providing the necessary flow, however while the sound has come from the attached reed or else the reeds with various types of holes for vary the tone. The Dwarves held these bagpipes in the high regard.

Actually, this bagpipes other name is mizwid and it is a type of musical instrument. It has 30 gp value and it weighs up to 6 lb (2.7kg).

check another item which you may like to use after this dnd 5e bagpipes item called glaur instrument


Usually, the Zakharan version of a bagpipes was called mizwid (it means “food pouch” in Midani). Normally, it was played with the double-reeded flute attached to a wind bag by corresponding two rows of holes wherever the melody could have been played, while it has been produced an underlying droning tone simultaneously.

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