“Reanimate” 5E Homebrew Spell

LEVEL: 1st
CASTING TIME: 1 Reaction*
Range/Area: Unlimited
Components: M **
Duration: 5 Days
School: Illusion
Attack/Save: None

This “Reanimate” has been used for the Nova, a monster. Suppose, after she eats one of the players, but after this spell will give an illusion which the player is alive. Each and every player has been placed in their own trance, paralyze but they may think they’re moving.

Anyway each and every illusion is tailored to the player, meaning each had their own room. However after 4 days of the players thinking their late teammates was alive and it was all a bad dream, here the illusion starts to get twisted.

Each and every fake room the rest of the players via they were in started for drip blood from any type of open cracks. At this particular point the dead player had their back facing a player.

Any how slowly or but surely the dead player turns to face them. There was something that is off. However the smile was so much crooked and even the eyes were so much wider. But before a player knew what was going on, the room has been snapped back to its original state but a dead player head in their lap.

Maybe the player would not be capable to move but no matter what they were tried to do. Here the dead player started at the soft whisper but sooner in got louder and louder, even the dead player would say “Why didn’t you save me?” the trance may end whenever a screaming was so much for Nova, which is normally lasted for a day or so. The spell dealt 4d6 psych damage for each and every player.

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