Abi Dalzim’s Last Rites 5E Homebrew Spell

LEVEL: 3rd
Range/Area: 60 ft
Components: M *
Duration:  Instantaneous
School: Necromancy
Attack/Save: None

As per this dnd 5e homebrew spell you shall sap to your own life force within an attempt for the sake of raise a fallen ally. So as an action, by casting of this particular spell, you shall be stab yourself by a material component. You can also take an amount of the damage which is equal to half your maximum hit points.

Usually, this damage cannot be reduced in any way. So, after doing so, you can merely select a creature within 60 feet of you which has been dead for almost less than a minute. After you select a creature, then the creature shall immediately be stands up with an amount of hit points which is equal to half the amount of damage you took.

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