Aaberan’s Chaotic Rift 5E Homebrew Spell

LEVEL: 8th
Range/Area: Self (60 ft )
Components: V, S
Duration: 1 Minute
School: Conjuration
Attack/Save: CHA Save
Damage/Effect: Banishment

Here you do create a rift within a specific line for almost 60 feet which is 10 feet wide. Many Creatures in an area when you initially cast this spell should make a Charisma saving throw or else be sent to another plane of existence. The creatures who starts their turn within the rift or else enter into the rift for the first time should also be making the saving throw. Whenever a creature fails their saving throw, they may roll 1d6 and also they may be depending upon what they would roll, they are also transported for one of the below mentioned planes. Whenever a creature has been sent for one of the following planes, they would appear within a random place within that particular plane.

  1. The creature is sent to the Abyss.
  2. The creature is sent to Limbo.
  3. The creature is sent to the Nine Hells.
  4. The creature is sent to Pandemonium.
  5. The creature is sent to Carceri.
  6. The creature is sent to the Astral Plane.

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