Aaaargh!? 5E Homebrew Spell

aaaargh homebrew spell

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This spell always forces the targets which fail Wisdom Saving Throw to scream uncontrollably and of course incomprehensibly too. But not only does this for preventing the spellcasters from meeting some verbal components but it also deafens those are within their vicinity. However, it mainly appears to be comedic, Aaaargh!? is a powerful enchantment that could turn masterful liches into unintelligible fools.

LEVEL: 2nd
Range/Area: 120 ft
Components: V, S
Duration: 1 Minute
School: Enchantment
Attack/Save: WIS Save
Damage/Effect: Deafened
Classes: Bard, Ranger, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard

As per this Aaaargh!? ( 5E Homebrew Spell you can point to an another creature and also shout the command word for causing the target in order to scream uncontrollably for a specific duration. However the target has some ability to influence whatever they are screaming but it is largely unintelligible.

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Al though while screaming, the target is naturally unable to cast any type of spells which are requiring a verbal component and also any creature that is capable of hear within 10 feet of the target is also Deafened. The creatures are unable to speak are unaffected by this spell.

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For a spellcaster in order to use their magic that they should meet a spell’s requirements that may also include verbal, somatic, or material components. However these prerequisites exists for each and every magic user – including enemies – no matter their skill. Of course there are so many ways that one could hinder an opposing  spellcaster, eventhough, none are as effective nor as entertaining as Aaaargh!?.

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