aaaahhh 5E Homebrew Spell

LEVEL: 3rd
CASTING TIME: 1 Reaction *
Range/Area: 10 ft
Components: V
Duration: Instantaneous
School: Conjuration
Attack/Save: CON Save

As per this aaaahhh 5E Homebrew Spell the Stuff is able to hurt and even sometimes you shall need to express how much which the stuff hurts you. So, why not let out of the blood curdling, horrendous ear drum bursting, loud as hell scream to illustrate to your tormentor how much they have been hurt you?

But who knows, it just might be they may take this terrifying banshee screech like a polite sign to back off! like a nice gesture on both on both you and also your attacker’s parts and has always been appreciated in an everyday bloodbath.

Of course you are also able to cast this specific spell like a reaction simply after taking the damage. Once it cast, anyone within 10ft of you should take 1d6 psychic damage and also the attacker should be run away with the half of their movement.

Suppose, if they are out of the movement or have been used more than half of their movement, even though then they should take an extra 1d8+3 damage. The attacker should also roll a Con save which is against your spell casting ability. If it is failed, the attacker unable to attack you on their next turn.

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