Fire Rod (5e Equipment) DnD Magic Item

Rod, common

This particular Fire Rod (5e Equipment) DnD Magic Item features are a permanent rod, those are spherical stone or else the gemstone at any of its tip, that means it is always warm or else hot for the touch. In a particular place of an attack that you would like to otherwise it should be able to make, however you can also do any one of the below mentioned:

Melee Weapon Attack: You have been swing the rod, that is actually on a hit shall deal

Ranged Spell Attack (costs 1 mp): You are swing the rod, and even a mote of the flame leaps from a tip up to the range of specific 90 feet, that is on a hit shall deal 3d6 fire damage. You shall add your Intelligence modifier for an attack roll and also for the damage rolls of this attack.

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