Fire Arrow (5e Equipment) DnD Magic Item

Weapon (arrow), common

This magic fire arrow shall be distinguished by simply having an orange-red tip that is resembles a swirling flame. But once this arrow has been drawn, then you can use your bonus action for being focused on an arrow, simply by causing it to glow by the fiery evocation magic unless until a start of your next turn. However when you do use this glowing arrow like the part of a ranged attack, the attack shall deal the magical fire damage instead of its normal damage type. Any way if a target is flammable, then it is also be ignited, and will take 1d6 fire damage at an end of each of its turns unless an action is used for being put out the flames.

Once it hits the target, then this arrow has no longer been magical. Al though you can even expend 1 magic point whenever you would use a bonus action in order to have both of the initial hit and the ignited condition deal of an extra 1d6 fire damage too.

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