Everfull Tin of Beans (5e Equipment) DnD Magic Item

Wondrous item, common

Usually, as per this Everfull Tin of Beans magic item, it is the damaged tin which shall be with no lid, and which looks like it is belonging to within a drift of the street garbage. Even though it has no labels which are indicating those who it belongs to or by whom it has been created. But inside of the mysterious fluid from which an unending supply of the edible beans surfaces. Of course this fluid shall never be exiting the can even whenever tipped upside-down.

ChargesUsually, the everfull tin of the beans has 10 charges. You may be used an action for being extend the charge for extracting half a pound of the refried beans from the can. Al though the everfull tin of beans shall be regained all the expended charges daily at the dawn.

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