Elemental Weapon (5e Equipment) DnD Magic item

Weapon (any), varies (requires attunement)

This Elemental Weapon 5e magic item has been imbued by the elemental energy. Any type of hit with it shall deal an extra damage. Basically, the type of damage has been determined by the dungeon master, or else simply by rolling a d10 for deciding from one of the ten damage types below. Basically, the amount of any extra damage is being determined by the weapon’s rarity and also its damage type, as we mentioned detailed in the below chart.

 Force or
Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, Necrotic,
Poison, Radiant, or Thunder
Very rare 1d6 + 1d82d8
Legendary2d101d8 + 1d10

Variant: +1 Elemental Weapon

Suppose, the elemental weapon 5e magic item is of at least “uncommon” rarity, it may be granted you a +1 or else more bonus to attack the rolls that you make with it. For each +1 bonus the weapon has and the extra damage from it has been reduced like if it was one rarity category lower. Actually, a very rare +2 longsword of lightning for an instance might have a +2 bonus on attack rolls and of course on a specific hit shall deal an extra 1d6 lightning damage.

Variant: Elemental Weapon of Resistance

However if the elemental weapon is up to at least a “rare” rarity, then it weapon might grant you the damage resistance for an opposing damage type on an preceding chart. But during it is wielded, a radiant warhammer of resistance might be grant you the resistance for the necrotic damage, just for an instance. Actually, the extra damage from this type of elemental weapon has been reduced like if its rarity category was 2 lower.

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