Dowsing Stone (5e Equipment) DnD Magic Item

Wondrous item, common

This item shall appear like the smallest oblong piece of metal or stone a few inches long. Usually, the item itself is a very gently drawn to the particular location, which could vary from one dowsing stone to another. Usually, the pulling force is the just enough which is a creature that who has been holding that it could faintly feel the tug. If it is set on to the natural ground, then the pull shall not be enough for the stone for rolling via dirt, sand, or clumps of grass even if the stone is perfectly round.

All the Dowsing stones magic items are occasionally sold for the sake of well-known locations in the lieu of, or in an addition to, traditional maps and directions. But frequently all these stones are colored or painted by the specific colors or else the patterns which are correlate to their targeted locations, such as the stone painted with the wheat which is drawn towards the farming village known for that crop.

Normally, all the stones are tied to elusive or else obscure locations might be of greater rarity and value. Also the dowsing stone could be created using the dowse location spell.

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