Ancestral Weapon (5e Equipment) DnD 5E Magic Item

Weapon (any), varies (requires attunement)

As an ancestral weapon has passed down from hand to hand for so many generations. likely it has been seen some of the action, (even though some are purely ornamental) and also many members of the particular family or else clan could be having to held it whenever charging into the battle, so that it usually waving it above to their heads. Some of the Ancestral weapons which is vary greatly, but no two are ever mainly alike.

Of course this is just because of each has been imprinted by the lives, loves and losses of tens but if it is not hundreds of different people. Some of the characters wielding an ancestral weapon might not be the members of family it is represents in the body, but however they are slowly become so in spirit. Suppose, if the character is in the possession of an ancestral weapon ever has children that they would feel an urge to pass it down for their children.

Features: Here some of the more generations the weapon has been passed via more powerful it is (and the rarer it is). So each and every ancestral weapon has all the features which are associated by its current age and all of those features of the ages that it used to be.

No generations (common): The ancestral weapon is simply a perfectly ordinary weapon.

10 generations (uncommon): As per these generations the ancestral weapon can grant so many benefits of a feat has been selected by a player and also the DM as long as it is simply being worn or else carried by the attuned creature. So the feat should have been associated by the family those who own a weapon. However it is also now a specific magic weapon for all the purposes.

20 generations (rare): Here the ancestral weapon has two charges. While it is holding it an attuned creature could be used an action for spending 1 or both of its charges for being casting a spell from it requiring none of the components, also the save DC for such type of spells is always equal to 8 + your proficiency bonus + your charisma modifier and also the spell attack bonus is equal to your proficiency bonus + your charisma modifier.

Of course your weapon can regain 2 charges foe every 3 days at dawn. However the three spells you could cast from a weapon are selected or else determined randomly by the DM from the below mentioned table (re-rolling duplicate results):

  • Searing smite (1 charge)
  • Shield of faith (1 charge)
  • Comprehend languages (1 charge)
  • Heroism (1 charge)
  • Bane (1 charge)
  • Inflict wounds (1 charge)
  • Hideous laughter (1 charge)
  • Unseen servant (1 charge)
  • Burning hands (1 charge)
  • Charm Person (1 charge)
  • Cloud of Daggers (2 charges)
  • Enhance ability (2 charges)
  • Calm emotions (2 charges)
  • Hold person (2 charges)
  • Crown of madness (2 charges)
  • Darkvision (2 charges)
  • Phantasmal force (2 charges)
  • Heat metal (2 charges)
  • Suggestion (2 charges)
  • Branding smite (2 charges)

50 generations (legendary): Here you have +1 for attacking the rolls which has been made with an ancestral weapon. Usually, it now has 3 charges and also you can cast an additional spell from it decided by the Dungeon Master.

So, in an addition, the ancestral weapon gains one of the following features from this table.

  1. You may have spent 2 charges from an ancestral weapon like a bonus action for giving yourself a +2 bonus for attacking and also for damaging rolls which are made with it unless until the next dawn.
  2. However you may be spend 1 charge without even spending any actions to re-roll one or else more of the ancestral weapon’s damage die, so then you must utilize the new result.
  3. You may be spend 1 charge as an action for empowering next 1d6 attacks. Al though if you do, then the attacks you do make with the ancestral weapon deal at the critical hit on the roll of 19-20. So that way if you already have an effect as like this, then you can have a chance to roll an additional damage dice instead.
  4. Of course you may have spend 3 charges from an ancestral weapon to cast the shapechange spell from this particular ancestral weapon, simply becoming the creature appropriate to a weapon’s history.  (For an instance, if a weapon once slew a balor, then it is might be allow the user for taking on to the form of that specific balor, or else one of the angels which assisted a hero in a great deed). Al though once this property has been used an ancestral weapon loses this property, it is becoming a nonmagical weapon of its specific type for the next 7 days, but even after a magical effects are restored, this effect can only used for ONCE.


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