D&D Unknown Background 5E

There are so many homebrew backgrounds in dnd 5th edition. In this article we are going to know about unknown background 5e. Actually, your background is unknown to you why because you have suffered some of the trauma which has been inflicted you by the amnesia.

Here one past story about you. You’ve woke up one day, but you did not know who you’re or how you’ve got there. Your origin and family are the mystery to you. However you’re not sure if you have the allies or the enemies from your past days. Even though, if you have the skills beyond what your class is training details and you do struggle to recall them.

There are some questions being a dnd unknown homebrew background 5e such as; Who looked after you while you recuperated? Were your class skills taught to you after your trauma, or are you slowly recalling them from your past? Do you have flashbacks or dreams hinting at your ordeal?

Proficiencies and Languages: Special. Whenever you attempt a skill, use a tool or try to comprehend a language you are not already proficient with, roll a d20.

On a natural 20, you have recalled one of your pre-trauma talents and gain that proficiency; otherwise you must finish a long rest before you can make this check for the same proficiency again. Once you have recalled five proficiencies with this feature, you no longer make this check.

Equipment: Just the clothes on your back, 1 gp in your boot.


Whenever you’ve woken up like an amnesiac, you’ve discovered one different thing about yourself which could provide a clue about to what actually happened to you. Here you have to Roll a d6.

1A tattooYou have an unusual tattoo on your arm, depicting a strange building, part of a map or gnostic symbols.
2A curious woundRunning across your face and head is a long scar, only recently healed.
3Something hidden on youThere was a key sewn under the skin of your belly.
4A personalized piece of jewelryGripped in your hand was a locket, in which is a portrait of a young lady or man.
5A punishmentYour little finger was severed and is missing.
6You were found somewhere unusualYou woke shut in a sea trunk, washed up on the beach.

Feature: Gradual Recall

Each and every time whenever you meet the new NPC or else visit the new location, once per the character level, you are able to decide that they do feel familiar to you. Of course the place you visit and the person you meet are related to your present life from the experience of your past.

It is leading up to the trauma which has caused that you are in amnesia. Of course this won’t be divulge more information, but it will provide some clue about further moves.

Here you must need to work with your Dungeon Master (DM) to be able to fit this new element into your background and also aiming to give the full disclosure by the middle of the third tier.  From the below lines you can check out the character levels from 1 to 12.

  • Level 1–4:
  • The NPC incidentally recognizes you but doesn’t know you. They remember you performing some act, such as speaking to a mysterious figure (and overhearing a few words), buying an item from a store, or being involved in a fight.
  • Locations might be places you visited but once, or passed through on your way to somewhere else.
  • Level 5–8:
  • The NPC knows you only by a nom de guerre and a little about what happened to you, but is evasive in giving you information. If forced to speak, they give only one clue before circumstances end the interrogation (he simply escapes, or he’s in a position of power, or a vicious storm rocks the boat…)
  • Locations might be taverns or dungeons that you frequented.
  • Level 9–12:
  • The NPC was directly involved with your trauma, and knows your real identity. Some conflict must be resolved before their relationship to you is fully understood: this could be a combat encounter or fulfilling a request made by them.
  • A location might be your family home, your place of work, your secret hideout, or some other place very personal to you that will reveal your identity through investigation.

Al though this specific feature may be drag you into some involvement with different characters such as societies, nobility, evil armies, hidden temples, and other intrigues.

However once you’ve the total recall about the life of your personal way and also your trauma, of course one of these story elements could be used for creating the new background feature to replace its Gradual Recall.

Suggested Characteristics

As per this dnd 5e unknown homebrew background whatever your personality may be, but you’re compelled to find out more about the past life of you.

Personality Traits

D8Personality Trait
1I sometimes adopt a persona of child-like innocence, which comes through stronger when I try to remember my past.
2When I rest I write copious notes on the events of the day, and keep them safe.
3I am plagued by confusing nightmares which leave me feeling anxious all day.
4I am aloof and dislike being with riff raff: I'm sure I have noble blood.
5I am completely obsessed with keeping my belongings with me at all times.
6Whenever I can't remember recent events it makes me nervous and distant.
7I find myself staring into mirrors for long periods of time, wondering who I am.
8I am sometimes overcome with fluctuating bouts of depression and euphoria.


1Truth. I want to know what's real – not just about my past, but the world and people around me. (Any)
2Revenge. I can't touch the demons of my past, so I take my frustration out on those who make even the slightest infractions against me. (Evil)
3Heart. Although I woke as a blank slate, my first act was to rescue a trapped animal. There must be inherent kindness in people, even if hidden deeply. (Good)
4Pretense. Personal identity is an illusion. We can adopt personae as we see fit. (Chaotic)
5Destiny. What happened to me happened for a reason. I accept it and have no regrets. (Lawful)
6Enlightenment. I'm glad I can't remember my past. It gives me more time to focus on my future. (Any)


1I owe a debt to the family that found me, took me in, and nursed me back to health.
2Somebody, somewhere, stole my life. I will find them and make them suffer.
3I remember living in luxury – I must have a personal fortune or estate somewhere, and I'm going to find it!
4The only thing I recall is that I was searching for someone I loved, someone who was in danger.
5I remember a child and that the child was important, but I can't remember why or who they were.
6I told someone of a great darkness before my trauma. I must find them and remember what I said.


1I intermittently suffer short-term memory loss, and often forget why I went to a place or what I was talking about.
2I'm overly suspicious of strangers – for all I know I might not a be a stranger to them, and why would they keep quiet about that?
3I hate secrets and cannot be trusted with them. Everything should be out in the open.
4Everything is always my fault!
5I get overindulged in knowledge and will do questionable things to obtain it.
6I believe everyone is talking about me behind my back.

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