Scout Background 5E Homebrew

From any of an agile soldier has been picked for the sake of his speed to the young villager who is looking for the new lands to be settle well in that particular land, of course there are many reasons that one might has been pick or picked for the life of scouting, but of course to be sure, being the light of a foot and hardened of spirit is the must.

Of course you would be the first to leave camp in a morning time to get the information on the specific path ahead and its likely last to be return to many of your comrades at an end of the night. But being far from the base of the camp or else your home to be extended periods of the time has been shown you about the value in being a value to harvest a particular land that you select around you for healing your wounds and even mend your equipment, probably you can not count any situational times the one extra arrow you have made at your fire, or else the repairs you made for your Armour has been saved your life.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Survival and Medicine.
  • Languages: One of your choice.
  • Equipment: Herbalist Kit, set of warm clothes, a backpack, a bedroll, a mess kit, a tinder box, and a days rations and water skin.
  • Field Smithing Tools: Small Metal working tongs, small leather foot pump bellows, three hammer heads (flat, ball, and cross peen), two small wood carving knives, a whetstone, glue, short leather strips, sewing kit, small spool of thread, a pint of oil in a special water-skin, and a Fletching jig. This counts as Smith’s Tools.
Life on the Road

There are so many kinds of scout. But do you know what was your role?

1Outrider for the military
3Trail guide
Feature: Lay of the Land

As per this feature you have an excellent memory for the maps and also the geography, and even you can recall the general layout of the terrain, settlements, and other features around you. You can also have the keen eye for the places well set for an ambush.

Suggested Characteristics

The dnd 5e homebrew scouts as a whole have the deep love for the life on the road and also they are happy in their own company.

Personality Trait

d6Personality Traits
1When I get a chance to spend time with other folk, I can't stop talking.
2I'm self-sufficient. I don't need help, thanks!
3Other people don't understand the wilderness like I do.
4Every mile is evaluated for potential threats. Vigilance never rests.
5Social situations are awkward to me and so I prefer to stand back and observe.
6Civilized folk don't understand the freedom of the road.


1Wanderlust. There's a voice that keeps on calling me, down the road is where I'll always be. (Any)
2Protector. I am the first line of defence, no one can know the lives I've saved. (Good)
3Duty. I have a job to do and I do it to the best of my ability. (Lawful)
4Greed. If you want me to help you, it had better pay well. (Evil)
5Nature. The beauty of the wild is beyond compare. (Neutral)
6Survival. Life should be clung to, tooth and nail. (Any)
7Independence. In the wilds no one can tell me what to do. (Chaotic)
8A sharp mind. The road is the best place to keep the wits keen. (Any)


1I made an error once and lives were lost. I won't allow that to happen again.
2The true nature of the world is out there to be discovered.
3The wilds must be tamed.
4I am sick of protecting other peoples wealth, I want some of my own.
5Life on the road is a calling that cannot be explained.
6I saw something incredible and no one believes me. I'll prove I didn't imagine it.


1My appearance is totally unimportant to me. Why would anyone care what I looked like?
2I am straight to the point. If you think I'm rude then so be it.
3I get bored and irritated if I stay in one place too long.
4Townspeople and cityfolk are soft. I feel superior to them.
5When I get a chance to relax I don't hold back. It always gets messy.
6I protect my own life first and foremost.

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