Ancient One 5E Background

Being an ancient one homebrew background long long ago, you have been ventured into a world for playing one of your parts in the history. Al though, for whatever the reason, the history has been moved on, and also you are continue to exist. Of course you don’t age naturally, or else contract the common diseases, and you have been lived several lifetimes beyond of your race’s eldest. There are few queries regarding you such as; Were you blessed by a deity, to gather knowledge far beyond your years? Cursed by fate to watch everyone around you wither away from age and disease? Or mayhap a victim of your own magical experimentation? But regardless of the cause, your soul would be refused for give up its claim to life, and also gives you an ancient perspective on life.

Of course where some of the immortals are relatively young and even rash, though, you are far most older than your appearance may imply, and even you’ve been lived the far sight longer than much anyone alive. Of course you’ve seen so many kingdoms rise and also their falls, history be made, and even both good and evil could waste away to the passage of time.

Here all the details of your immortality are the best left to you and to your DM too, but it is recommended to be use the vanilla boon of Immortality which can prevent aging. Here the alternative methods are be a dark magic by using the phylacteries, or else some sort of rebirth like a child elsewhere on death.

  • Skill Proficiencies: History, Insight
  • Languages: Two languages of your choice
  • Equipment: A set of traveller’s clothes, a heavy cloak or robe, a small trinket from a past life that you always seem to find, and a pouch containing 15 gp


You asked some questions yourself are what gives you your undying soul? Why do you live on beyond your years?

1I was blessed and given a purpose by a benevolent being.
2I was cursed by a cruel being to watch the end of the world.
3I obtained a Wish spell and gained immortality, for better or worse.
4I won a bet against a god of death itself in a time long past, and obtained reincarnation.
5I meticulously set up a cycle of clones and phylacteries to obtain my own immortality.
6I don't know why I'm immortal... only that I'm older than I've any right to be.

Feature: Lifetimes of Experience

Many ancient perspectives are give one board range of the knowledge and the history to draw from, even though they frequently could have new ideas from being formed. Of course you can frequently recall the information about different places which many characters have never been ventured, or else extrapolate based off the similar events. So, Similarly, the historical facts are come naturally to you, and also many a scholar or ruler values your counsel if you can make it available.

Alternate Feature: A World of Connections

As some of the time passed, you will be cultivated all of your connections. In any of your major towns, you know various ways to gain an audience with the important people. The names to drop, people to refer to, symbols to pull up and also different catchphrases to get you into high (and sometimes low) places. Probably these people may not always be know why you may know these things, though, so getting some of the audiences itself may be all you can manage.

Suggested Characteristics

While many Ancient ones just do not age or else contract the disease, some of them simply found a specific way to reincarnate, the albeit basically slowly and by some form of penalty. Some of the others have obtained some kind of far more effective means, even though the player should be consulted with their Dungeon Master for anything else stronger than the agelessness or else rebirth. Most of the adventuring ancient ones, though, have some quirk pushing them out of their timeless vigils, or else a cause pushing them on. In the below tables we mentioned some of the ideas to get you started.

Personality Trait

d8Personality Trait
1I obsess about my appearance. If I'm this old, I refuse to look it!
2My worldview is old and obtuse to many, but I won't change it for children.
3Having seen most everything, I spent time away from the world, to let it catch up. What new things can I explore?
4I cannot, for the lives of me, replicate the cause of my immortality. I'm so close, though!
5The world is doomed to repeat itself, and my melancholy attitude makes few friends.
6My odd mannerisms tend to make people uneasy, though my knowledge tends to eventually make allies.
7I have a tendency to get bored with what many consider new, and seem disrespectful because of this.
8Others are unimportant compared to the grand designs of the universe, and I plan to be more than a cog.


1Knowledge. My knowledge is meant to be gathered and shared freely, with all who wish to know. (Good)
2Prophecy. There are things far beyond the ken of mortals, and I will carry out what must be done. (Lawful)
3Entropy. Infinite time means infinite plans to serve my ends... and mine shall come to fruition soon. (Chaos)
4Calamity. The only way to end my cycle is to end the world, and I shall be the one to usher in the end of eras. (Evil)
5Rest. I only wish to find a way to end this cycle, and finally make peace. (Neutral)
6Beyond. I have obtained immortality... but what could be even further beyond? (Any)


1Bonds are hard to form, as other mortals have such short lives.
2My immortality is the closest of my secrets, and the knowledge slipping away could do irreversible harm.
3I do not form alliances easily, and trust slowly.
4I revere the one that gave me immortality, and seek to understand them.
5I resent the one that thrust immortality upon me, and seek to undermine them.
6I wish to find those from my past - or their kin - and rekindle the bonds, but worry they won't realize who I am.


1I tire of the world, and find no joy in things.
2Anything new sends me into an overexcited frenzy.
3I obsess over knowledge of all kinds, and must seek out anything new.
4My immortality and drive leave me somewhat callous, and underlings tend to get churned up in my wake.
5Time wears on the mind, looping over and over and over, until the madness sets in. Oh, the glorious madness!
6I know all. I am not wrong, and any who disagree with me are foolish whelps.

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