DnD 5E Alcoholic Background

In this homebrew backgrounds the vice of alcohol could hold the tight grip on to your heart, as well as your liver too, for some of the reasons or another.  But may be for some of the past trauma has been caused you to turn to fermented fruits and even the grains like a solace and even a way to cope, no matter how poor it might be.

Such as may be you have been enjoying the flavor to the point which you would wanna do anything for a single drop of a bitter tasting substance. So that way you can do anything for continuing living your life via the beer goggles, and it probably has lead to desperate measures, but be it a life of the crime, or else brewing your own alcohol in the privacy of your home.

Its the plain to see which is your life has been spiraled out of your control and even many of the people have been suggested you to get the help. So maybe that’s why you have turned to be adventuring, to turn over the new leaf and even get a fresh start, or else it maybe you do seek much more gold to feed your alcoholism.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Sleight of Hand and Medicine
  • Tool Proficiencies: Brewer’s Tools or Thieves’ Tools
  • Equipment: A flask filled with your favorite alcohol, a memento of your life before alcohol, common clothes, a heavy blanket, and a pouch with 5 sp

Drink of Choice

During you would drink any kind of alcohol if it needed to be, you most probably preferences for the drinks. Of course it might be was a first alcohol you have ever tried, or else may be you’re just like the flavor, either way, you’re utterly obsessed with this type of beverage and of course are even more susceptible for its siren song.

d6Drink of Choice

Feature: Temperance

However you have already been having struggled via the addiction in the past that you know how can you identify signs of alcohol addiction or else help to some others via their addictions. Your demeanor after giving up the alcohol might also be affect the way varied from people to people with whom you have interacted.

Alternate Feature: Pitiful

Of course as a Alcoholic, you love the Alcoholic far so much and even find yourself forgoing inns for the tavern. As like, you have been generated a perfect form of condescending pity from the people and they could be typically find a particular place to be stay on the condition which you do not drink for the whole duration of your stay wherever you are. However whether you hold up your end of the bargain or else not is up to you.

Alternate Feature: Strong-headed

You’re almost extremely tolerant of the alcohol and you have an advantage on the Constitution checks which are related to alcohol. However you can consume 3 time which of most of the people before feeling even the tiny tipsy.

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Suggested Characteristics

All the alcoholics are not meant to be envied, they are usually sad individuals those whoever feel they need some alcohol and even their personalities should reflect that.

Personality Traits

D8Personality Trait
1I have mastered the art of crocodile tears and use them to get whatever I want from whoever I want.
2I live for any distraction from my monotonous life.
3I have found that everyone's a lot more attractive after a few drinks.
4I find a wooden table to be an easier surface to fall asleep on than a bed.
5I find the scent of alcohol to be revolting, but still find myself drawn to it.
6I have found that praying to gods has been ineffective, and have decided to give up on religion all together.
7I hate confrontation about my problematic behaviors.
8I have a very fragile ego and sense of self.


1Self-Serving. Nobody helped me, so why should I do the same for them? (Evil)
2Idealistic. If there's still hope for me, there's hope for anyone. (Good)
3Drinking. I don't care about much else other than alcohol. (Neutral)
4Tempered. I find that drinking within reason keeps me sane, but I still need alcohol everyday. (Lawful)
5Hedonism. If something's good why shouldn't I pursue it? (Chaotic)
6Change. I want to change my ways and be a better person. (Any)
1The local barkeep is my only real friend.
2I have abandoned my family for alcohol, I want to fix that.
3There is at least one night stand who is a bit bitter towards me.
4Turning away from alcohol has lost me a lot of my drinking buddies.
5I have sequestered myself away to avoid alcohol.
6I have at least one illegitimate child from a drinking bender.
1I drink to run from my problems.
2I owe people a lot of money from when I was drunk.
3Loyalty to anyone but alcohol is something I don't get.
4I use my drinking as an excuse to be a terrible person.
5I think that anyone who chooses not to drink is a sanctimonious jerk.
6I blame everyone other than me for my problems.

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