D&D Alchemist Background 5E

Being a d&d alchemist homebrew background you have been worked in a town or in a city like an Alchemist. Of course maybe you’re working for the ruler of the settlement or else for yourself trying to earn a living. So working with the chemicals and also with the potions has been given you the largest array of knowledge about how to make such type of concoctions. However by using these type of skills you can easily make the potions, deadly poisons, or primitive explosives (if your DM allows it).

  • Skill Proficiencies: Arcana and Survival
  • Tool Proficiencies: Alchemist’s Supplies
  • Languages: 1 Chosen language
  • Equipment: Alchemist’s supplies, 1d4+2 Books on Alchemical Formula, a belt pouch with 2d4 GP and common clothes

Feature: Experimenter

As per this feature based upon your previous experiments, you are easily able to identify the uses of any kinds of component you do acquire after examining it by your alchemist’s supplies at the time of a long rest.

Suggested Characteristics Of D&D Alchemist Background 5E

In homebrew the Alchemist’s are pride themselves on making more effective concoctions, of course you will always strive and spend all of your free time trying to make yours more effective.

Personality Trait

d8Personality Trait
1I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge.
2I've been called a tad bit crazy.
3I'm not the best around other people.
4I refuse to lead, I'm more of a follower.
5I will not follow, only lead.
6I will not let others think me a fool.
7I will do anything for more research.
8I don't like being looked at.


1Goodwill: If you don't use your knowledge to help others, then why do you even have it? (Good)
2Money: I don't care what I'm being told to do; if you can pay, I can do it. (Neutral)
3Power: I got into the trade for one reason; the feeling of the foolish being destroyed by my concoctions. (Evil)
4Ethics: There are certain lines that science was never meant to cross. (Lawful)
5Freedom: Laws restrict and corrupt the pure, free-flowing fount of knowledge. (Chaotic)
6Knowledge: I simply want to unlock the secrets of chemicals and how they work. It's a passion of mine. (Any.)


1My family is impoverished, and I send money I make from my work back to them.
2I never forget the faces of my customers, and consider them to be friends.
3I have a rival who is a greater alchemist than I. I constantly seek to best them.
4My notes on my greatest discovery were stolen, and I must find them before they fall into the wrong hands.
5I have a great interest in teaching, and am constantly seeking out new students.
6The one who taught me my trade still lives; I respect them above all else, and will defend them to the death if they require it.


1My creations have been used for unspeakable evils. I can never forgive myself.
2All of my work with my chemicals may or may not have ever so slightly addled my mind a tiny bit.
3Ever since I got this job, I've been suffering from violent, destructive intrusive thoughts.
4I've developed an addiction to one of my substances, and I need to make it whenever possible.
5I have severe chemical burns from working on a chemical that required use of (X component here). I refuse to work with it, and have a phobia of it.
6I don't do well in groups, and will go off on my own without asking others first.

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